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INSTAJUICE is Sheffield's first vegan cold-pressed juice bar! Inspired by our trips around Europe where seemingly every city had a juice bar, we're on a mission to bring the concept back to Sheffield with our own INSTAJUICE twist. The UK juice bar market is continuing to grow and every major city such as Leeds, Manchester and London all have juice bars — so we're proud to be the first cold-pressed juice bar in Sheffield.

It's widely known that juice has a whole range of nutritional and health benefits — our concept is simple; fresh ingredients juiced using our hydraulic juice press with nothing added. Many juices sold in the supermarket try and pull the wool over your eyes; they often use complicated words such as pasturisation — which is the process of heating up the juice to prolong the shelf life in the shops... something which is great for the supermarket but not so great for you as it kills all of the good nutrients within the juice! Our juices are always raw and cold-pressed, meaning your body can absorb all the good stuff in our juice.

We're also a proud cruelty-free vegan store; we don't serve animal flesh or animal by-products. Our Smoothies and Mylks are made from either Oat or Almonds. If you don't live in Sheffield, don't panic... we ship our juices anywhere in the UK in special temperature controlled packaging :-).

Whether you're just wanting a healthy juice/smoothie fix or are wanting to order a weeks worth of juices - we don't judge or tell you how to live your life, all we care about is that people enjoy our products and reap the health benefits of the fresh ingredients.

See you soon!
Mark & the INSTAJUICE team x